About Me...

How it all began...
In 2011 I decided to make some candles and melts for myself and friends, as I was sick of paying top dollar for scented candles. Beautiful things don't need to be expensive! 
Off to the suppliers I went and stocked up on various wicks, scents and jars. After some really positive feedback and extensive testing for months and months, I ventured into some markets and held a few parties. I decided that this was something I really enjoyed, not only making money but socialising with like minded people.
I thought being a mother of a young son I could potentially work for myself and allow more family time. Driving along one day trying to think of a catchy business name, I looked at my then 10 year old son who was wearing a t-shirt that said 'Wickety Wickety Wack'. I said it aloud and he laughed and said "what about Wickety Wax?" Yes! This would be the name I would register and trade under! It was fun and catchy. I love that he had input. I have since committed to sometimes up to 5 markets or pop up stores per week leaving me a day or two to pour and evenings to complete paperwork ready for the next day.
5 years ago I quit my office job as a book keeper and became my own boss. Everything I had ever wanted!
In 2017 I introduced bath bombs and bath products into my range. This is something I enjoy just as much as pouring candles. Making bath bombs is relaxing and rewarding as I try each product before I decide to stock it. I found something not only was I good at but something other people commended me on. Running out of time to make everything myself my husband lent me a hand and became bath bomb maker extraordinaire. Truck driver by day and bath bomb king by evening. 
The rest and best is yet to come!
All Wickety Wax products are hand poured individually on the Mornington Peninsula.